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The objectives of Life+ InSiTrate are:

- To demonstrate at pilot scale the feasibility of in situ bioremediation technology of nitrate-polluted groundwater for the production of drinking water.

- To develop an innovative tool for design and prediction based on mathematical modelling to describe the performance of the in situ bioremediation technology in any aquifer and assist in the design of the optimal remediation strategy at each new site.

- To study the feasibility of the in situ technology from the technical, environmental and economic point of view and to compare this technology with other existing technologies using the same indicators.

- To foster social uptake of the technology and involve stakeholders and target groups in the technology development.

- To study the extrapolation of the technology to other European specific sites to demonstrate its potential implementation.

The in situ denitrification pilot plant will be implemented in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres aquifer (Catalonia, Spain).