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Logo CTM

Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic (Coordinating Beneficiary)

CTM Centre Tecnològic is a non-profit private foundation. Its aim is to efficiently contribute to improve the competitiveness and the technological development of companies by providing specialised services and carrying out R&D and Innovation projects. The team at CTM works for companies, organisations and institutions in the fields of: environmental technology, materials technology, energy, simulation and innovative design and forming processes. CTM has participated in numerous projects and individual contracts aimed at innovation, development, testing and optimisation of water treatment, in urban, agriculture, industrial and environmental sectors. Moreover, CTM has undertaken a vast number of projects focussed on bioremediation and, especially, on nitrate bioremediation. Additionally, CTM has developed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies in sectors like: water potabilization, wastewater treatment and regeneration, agriculture, and energy production. Finally, CTM has a modern and technologically advanced laboratory for the development of all the required testing experiments and main chemical and biological analytics in this project.


 Logo Amphos 

Amphos 21 Consulting S.L.

AMPHOS 21 Consulting S.L. is a SME that provides scientific and technical consultancy services addressing a range of environmental issues, mainly associated with the management and disposal of hazardous wastes, contaminated groundwater and soils, water management and specific software development as well as environmental planning and management. Amphos 21 counts on a team of highly qualified professional specialized in scientific and technical disciplines related to geosciences, water studies, climate change and CO2 as well as risk communication. The main area of specialization of Amphos 21 in water resources is the development of complex numerical models of flow, reactive transport of contaminants and risk assessment. Amphos 21 has expertise in European directives implementation. More specifically, it has been responsible of coordination of WFD implementation in groundwater of inner basins of Catalonia and has participated in nitrate directives implementation in 4 vulnerable areas of Catalonia through the study of causes for N compounds contamination and their conceptual model. Also was furthermore commissioned by Catalan Water Agency to design, together with CTM, a bioremediation nitrate project including a complex numerical flow to reproduce the bioremediation process. Amphos 21 staff has participated in research projects focused to nitrate study like the use of isotopes to identify causes of nitrate contamination, the evaluation of denitrification natural processes, regional studies of nitrate contamination, etc. and different Amphos 21 experts has elaborated their doctorate and master thesys studying the nitrate contamination problem. Amphos 21 has coordinated and participated in EC research programs from FP5 to FP7 and has experience in other research projects funded by EC. Amphos 21 also participating in the Life + project WATERRTOM (reduction of the time-lag for transferring excellent research outputs to practitioners in the water-sector).


Logo catalana

Catalana de Perforacions S.A.

Catalana de Perforacions S.A. is a private company dedicated to the drilling works, with more than 40 years of experience. Since its creation in 1962, Catalana de Perforacions has been developing and innovating new drilling techniques, and has carried out numerous projects for the regional and local administration, engineering and construction companies, irrigation communites and private homes, which credited the excellent work done during all these years. From 1996, Catalana de Perforacions has expanded its field work to the horizontal directional drilling and since then has performed more than 1,500 wells throughout the Spain, and carried out research abroad. Regarding drilling of wells, not only carried out for water capture but also for cathodic protection, geothermal uses (open and closed systems), hydraulic barriers (to prevent marine intrusion with water injections), wells and control piezometers for studies about the condition of deep foundations with use of bentonite slurry in the aquifer bed (in collaboration with Catalan universities) and injection wells for deep aquifer recharge.


Main stakeholders

Logo ACA 

Agència Catalana de l'Aigua (ACA)

The Agència Catalana de l'Aigua (ACA) is the public entity of the Government of Catalonia founded in 2000 as the hydraulic authority in Catalonia, in charge of the governing policies concerning water and based on the principles of the Water Framework Directive.The Agency manages and plans the water cycle, with a vision of integrated water systems, taking into account the balance of all ecosystems. Water becomes a basic structural and functional element to the environment and life. This management must be compatible with the growing demand for permanence, universality and immediacy of the citizens of an advanced society, and ensure quality and good service. ACA is the main responsible for the management of groundwater pollution in Catalonia.


Logo Llavaneres 

Ajuntament de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

The Town Council of Sant Andreu de Llavaneres is the responsible organism for the water supply in the town through its Municipal Water Supply Service. The project pilot plant will be located in this town.